Sick and Tired

This morning I had the pleasure of waking up to a skyfull ofrain and a toddler full of mucous. Poor G was stuffed to the hilt, and asked to just stay in her jammies and lay on the “little couch”. I really couldn’t blame her since that’s all I wanted to do myself. This pregnancy has been wearing me out. While most days I’m at full capacity ’til late afternoon when I find the necessity to slump, some days I just cant get out of it. This was one of those days. Probably the growing baby C combined with the same cold symptoms that G’s suffering from. Whatever it was, today we found ourselves sick, and tired, and not wanting to do anything other than lay on the “little couch”.

Oddly when your toddler tells you they just want to lay on the couch, they really mean that they want to lay on the couch for 3 minutes and then raid the toy boxes and bookshelves, have a tea party, color, do play-dough, play dress up, play all of our instruments, and simultaneously use her iPad, your iPhone and watch “her TV” at once. This was not like the sick days I used to have before motherhood, I can tell you that.

We did manage to have some independent reading time – this is a new-ish thing I’m trying out. Hoping that encouraging G to turn off all electronics, and quietly read her books while I read mine for a short time each day will get her in the groove for all those homework and study nights that will undoubtedly be in her future. Maybe this will save us a couple of fights down the road. Maybe not … but in the meantime, it was nice to be able to pick up one of my books for a change.

She’s definitely reading in that picture, and not justtearing apart her pop-up version of “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly”. Because tearing pop-ups apart is how 2 yearolds read pop-up books, right?

We did manage to get ourselves into the shower and put clean clothing on. It was absolutely necessary. Especially after G used some of her independent reading time to douse herself and her jammies with lavender scented Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Lotion. (That stuff could not put me to sleep even after 10pm while being forced to sit through one of the Hubs History Channel shows. Maybe it’s the pregnancy, but I had to eat a few saltines in order to keep my breakfast from making a second appearance).

The one healthful thing I did do for myself today is continue my effort to incorporate more vegetables into my meals. Since becoming pregnant I have had the strangest cravings (like for MEAT! And I’ve been a veg for 10 years!) Although I haven’t been giving in to them, I also haven’t been eating as healthfully as I normally do. I have found grilled cheese, veggie burgers, home made pizzas, and low sodium soups MUCH more appealing than my good old quinoa and kale.

Last week I finally gave myself the challenge to at least have one green vegetable on my plate at lunch and dinner. I’ve been doing pretty well with it. Even though I was feeling extra lazy today, I managed to throw together a yummy little salad with my old favorite greens that I haven’t used in a while.

In the mix are some mixed greens and baby spinach, a Bosc pear, some walnuts and a sprinkling of Gorgonzola cheese. SO. Good. Even though this isn’t one of my good old chok-full-o-veggies salads, there’s definitely some good nutrition in all those greens.

It’s just about snuggle time now … I guess we’ll go from snuggling on the couch to, er, snuggling on the couch.


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