1000 in 2012 – 2 Weeks in Review

As I breifly mentioned in this post, my exercise took a bit of a back seat in the passed couple of weeks, and so I’m not as on target with my goal as I was in my previous post. BUT, today I got myself back in action, and I couldn’t feel better for it.

For me it’s really important to acknowledge the fact that I was OK with taking a little time off of working out. It’s something I hadn’t done since I gave birth to G, 2 plus years ago, and I just felt like I needed it. I felt really tired, and just not motivated to get into the gym, and I allowed myself to be OK with that. It was just about a week with little activity, and I felt really excited to get back into it today. I hadn’t planned a time line of when I would come back, but I knew I would (like I’ve said before I love being active too much to not be). I also want to say that although I didn’t log in at the gym or put on myGarmin and run (or walk) logging miles, doesn’t mean I was a couch potato. I simply just gave myself the week to be relieved of the formality of it all.

We’ve had quite a bit going on around here – besides the whole “I’m growing a human” thing. G was pretty run down with a sinus infection for the week which really messed up our sleeping schedules and didn’t allow me to get out of bed at 5am to hit the gym, and we’re also renovating our house to add some space for baby number 2. Our house was formerly a 2 family, and we’re converting it to a one family, traditional colonial. Basically meaning in the passed 2 weeks my second story has gone from this,

to this,

There’s still a ton of work to be done, but that’s info for a whole other post.

With the construction going on and the Hubs beingaway from the house almost all of the time, I’ve added Project Manager to my list of job titles. Meaning that all of the meetings that need to happen with the contractors, the air conditioning people, the electricians,and trips to the hardware stores and paint stores have fallen on my shoulders. Apparently all of these people like to schedule meetingsduring my only alone time of the day which is when I normally get out for a run or go to the gym, if I don’tgo at 5am before everyone else wakes up. So, yesterday when I dropped G at school and was headed to the gym eager to get a run in and break this dry period, of course the air conditioning guys called and said they’d meet me at the house in twenty minutes, nixing my chances to get any miles in yesterday.

Realizing that the “new job” was going to really put a wrench into getting my workouts done during the day, I set my alarm for 4:30 this morning and got my butt to the gym early. As much as I hate getting out that early and losing the couple of hours of sleep, inevitably as I’m driving home as the sun’s coming up, I’m so grateful that I did it.

So, back to business — I last left you at the end of the first week of January when I was kicking butt and surpassing weekly goals. Over the passed couple of weeks, my charts have been less impressive, but I’m confident I’ll still meet the goal. This is what I’ve got for weeks 2 and 3 of January,

17 Miles on foot

20 Miles on the bike

As I said, far less impressive, but nonetheless, a much needed break, and it’s not nothing after all.I’m back with 7.3 miles today, and feeling good.


Miles on Foot: 37

Miles Biked : 64.9

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Baby C – 23 Weeks

Another week overdue, but at least it’s just one this time. I have such good intentions for this blog … I really do. Sometimes it just a little hard to measure up ;)

I can’t believe we’re at 23 weeks already — time is FLYING by!

Look at that big baby!

This week Sprout is saying that theinternal fetalorgans are now in place and beginning tofunction well, taste buds have formed, but obviously the fetus (I don’t really like calling the baby a fetus at this point … ) won’t taste anything for several more months. Baby C is weighing in at a full ONE pound this week and is about the size of a mango! Sprout also says that Baby C can distinguish my voice from the voice of the hubs at this point and suggests experimenting with music that the baby may find soothing. When I read this I thought it was really interesting because when I was pregnant with G, Ihad a slight obsession with”Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – the version by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo?ole- and played it incessantly while dreaming of my growing bundle. When G was about 3 weeks old she became a really cranky baby (really cranky). She would have horrible screaming fits that nothing could snap her out of. But I discovered that if I put on that song, she would instantly quiet and was soothed. Maybe it was because it’s a soothing type of song, but I believe it was because it was familiar to her. She remembered it!

How I’m doing? I feel OK this week. I have to admit that I haven’t hardly exercised which is the first time that has happened in … well … probably since I gave birth last time around. G was sick last week which threw a wrench into my early morning gym time on Friday and Saturday, and then continued to be really sick and needy into Monday. Tuesday came along and she was feeling a little better, but I was tired! I thought I’d take the day off and get myself together, and get back to running on Wednesday. Wednesday came, and while G was at school I headed out for a run, and was only able to knock out a couple of miles before I came home. Today, my heart just wasn’t in it either. I actually felt horrible about this yesterday and got emotional over it. I had a moment where I was really beating myself up. But this morning I came across a great article about “giving yourself permission” to not be your best or say yes to everything all of the time, and it rang true with me. It was just what I needed to read in that moment to realize that it was OK that I take a little hiatus if I felt that I needed it. I love fitness – I love running, I love cycling, I love being on the move in general. But the passed few days its just not working for me. I know for sure I’ll snap back into it in a day or so. But for now I’m giving myself permission to take off if I want to. So, there’s a slight lack of energy there this week for sure — maybe Baby C is having a growth spurt! Other than that though, I feel good.

How about the bod? As you probably suspected, due to my lack of activity, mentally I was down on myself during much of this week, but I’ve snapped myself out of that, and realized that I’m doing great physically. I saw my doctor last week and they were thrilled at how I’m progressing. A lot of people say my bump is still really small for how far along I am, but it’s certainly growing … I love it!

Try to disregard that pile of laundryin the corner… I promise I threw it in the wash as soonas I took that picture.

G isup to her normal, 2 year old shenanigans.As I said before, she was really under the weather with a sinus infectionlast week and into thisone, but she’s shaping up nicely. Tonight she was my sous chef in the kitchen. She’s getting really good at prepping the greens.

She looks mad at that kale, doesn’t she?

Once again,my dearHusband is MIA. I swear, sometimes Iforget his name becauseI don’t see him that often. Just kidding — he’s working hard, and I didn’t get a picture of that crazy hair of his again. I’m going to stop promising pictures of it though — hopefully I’ll get to snag at least onepicture of him sometime before the baby is born and he shaves his head again ;)


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Being a Vegetarian in a Meat Eaters World


Today I came acorss this article on the NY Times’ website. The article was called, “Meatless in the Midwest: A Tale of Survival”. Definitely worth reading through if you have the chance – veg or not. For me, a long time vegeterian, I felt comforted in reading of another veg’s struggle in finding food that can be considered an acceptable part of our diet. For a non-veg, maybe it will give you a little insight as to what it’s like trying to find something on the menu that can fit your needs.

I live in New York, so you would think that there are bajillions of vegetarian restaurants on every street, but since I don’t live in the big city, this is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, about a month ago I had a mini-meltdown over the fact that everytime we decide to get takeout as a family I’m stuck getting a salad. And as Sulzberger says in her article, contrary to popular belief, the last thing a vegeterian wants is a salad.


In addition to the few options that are out there for good vegeterian fare in my area, another obstacle that I struggle with is that I’m the one and only vegeterian anywhere in my family, or the Hubs’ family, or out of any of our friends. Being that everyone else enjoys meaty things, I’m often forgotten about, and on holidays or at get-togethers,left to pick on the side dishes (or, more accurately,pick the meat off the vegetables in the side dishes), or I have to cook something for myself which often ends up to be a veggie burger.

For a long time it didn’t bother me at all that all I could eat were the side dishes, or that at a barbeque I’d have to put just lettuce and tomato on a bun and call it a day. But finally, I began to be bothered. I was never angry at anyone – ever – for not thinking of me. I was just frustrated at my lack of options. So, finally last year (in my 9th year of vegeterianism)I began to bring my own things. If we were barbequing at someone’s house, I’d bring tofu to throw on the grill – or an eggplant! If we were having pasta with meat on a Sunday, I’d bring a salad, or a vegetable that I could sautee up for everyone else to enjoy as well. At first I think it made me feel a little uncomfortable to be demanding something different than everyone else, instead of just going with what was there and hardly getting to eat, but after a while it didn’t bother me at all. And as a matter of fact, on a couple of occassions, I’ve gotten some really skeptical family members (like my Husband)to try some tofu or some grilled eggplant — and they liked it!

On the same hand, being that my take-out choices were always very limited to salads, recently I’ve made an effort to make myself more aware of the few vegeterian options that are available from the places we like to order from. I’ve found some new, great options that I never knew existed, but I had to do a little extra digging.

So, no – I don’t think that I’ll ever be in the majority – especially in my Italian family, or here in my neighborhood – but I can certainly make it more comfortable for myself by taking a little initiative. Even though it takes a little extra effort, and might make people look at me, I don’t have to pick the bacon off of the brussel sprouts, I can always bring my own!

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It’s Cold Outside – I’ll Run Anyway

I must not have a natural blogging gene in me because I’m really bad at taking pictures all throughout my day to insert into every post. I’ll try to get better at it, but in the meantime, you might have to just get used to seeing googled images of things that sort of relate to what I’m writing about. Like this :


How many miles do I need to run to get my legs to look like any of these?

This random googled imagecan pertain to this post, because I’m going to write about the runsthat I’ve had for the passed couple of days.The picture is obviously not of my legs (anyone figure out howI can get those yet?), and I’m obviously one person, not three, and I only havetwo legs, not six – but it does the job. SO forgive me for not photographing myself on the way out thedoor this morning.;)

In keeping up with my challenge for 1000 in 2012I have been hitting the streetstorunfor the passed couple of mornings. Here in the Northeast its been in the low 30′s (which iscold), but it hasn’t deterredme from choosing the outdoors over thedreadmill. I’d much rather breathe incold fresh air than germy-winter-gym-air anyday, even if I have to wear3 shirts, a hoodie,a hat, and gloves anyday.

Iwound up taking an inadvertent rest day on Sunday because my workout buddy cancelled, and Icouldnt muster the gusto to go at it alone. My bed was so much warmer than the high 20′s that were waiting for me outside. So I slept in. (Or slowly made my way to the couch to indulge in some crappy reality TV before anyone else woke up).

Monday morning I was feeling the repercussions of the verybusy and very emotionalday that Sunday wound up to be, and I didnt want to run AT ALL. I dropped G at school while telling myself I’d go home and face plant into my couch for the couple of hours that she was gone and sleep my misery away. By the time I was on my way home, I had a change of heart – maybe my coffee kicked in, maybe I’m getting really good at channeling positivity, or maybe I just felt way too guilty to take two rest days in a row. Whatever it was, it worked, and I decided to pull myself together and got out there.

For about the first quarter mile I continued to convince myself that this is what I should be doing, even if it was cold, and even if the Real Housewives of Atlanta were waiting for me on my DVR. Soon though, I forgot that I ever hadn’t wanted to be out there, and wound up having one of the best runs of my pregnancy. It was on the short side (just over 3 miles), but it was fast and basically effortless. I had 3 miles that were at 10 minutes or below! I haven’t had that for a LONG time. I’ve been running around 10:30 because I’ve been carefully watching my HR, but yesterday, I didn’t feel like I was working too hard, my heart rate never went crazy, and I felt STRONG! By the time I came home I was SO GLAD that I pushed myself to get out there.

This morning I reminded myself of the day before, and braved the cold again. I was glad I did, because again I found myself running 9:30 miles without any real effort and it felt great. This morning I clocked a bit over 4 miles, bringing me to over 7 so far for the week. I only have to complete 19 to be on target with my goal, so I feel really good about that … It’s only Tuesday!

Moral of the story, kids? Push yourself! Get out there and do something, no matter how small. It maysound silly because 7 months ago I would’ve been mad at myself for having a 3 mile or 4 mile run. Or for having a 10 minute mile – or even a 9:30! But now I’m proud of everything that I can do, and know that in pregnancy each amd everyday is different so I’m just embracing what I am capable of day by day … and being grateful for it!


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1000 in 2012 – A Week in Review

Here we are at the end of the first week of 2012, and it’s time for an update for my goal of completing 1000 miles on foot in 2012!

Let me first say that setting this goal for myself did exactly what I had hoped it would – it motivated me everyday to just do something. One of the days I only walked, but it didn’t matter. I loved knowing thatthere were miles that needed to be completed, which is the same feeling I had each day that I was following a training plan for a race.

So, just as if I were training for a race, I broke out the old dry erase board, and kept track of my progress and activity throughout the week.

Excuse the crummy picture and messy handwriting — I sometimes forget that people other than myself might see these things …

As usual, I loved seeing my progress everyday. It was just as motivating to see what I had already completed, as it was to know what I needed to do.

I also really loved using my Runs to Go App to count my miles each time I took a run or walk.

Still daunting …

So here’s the wrap up –at the week’s end I wound up with exactly 20 miles on foot, (which is one mile more than I had to complete to be right on target with my goal), and I had 44.9 miles on the bike. (There is no goal for theyear for biked miles, but I think it’ll be cool to count them anyway).

I’m hoping the motivation sticks with me and no injuries or baby issues get in the way this week. I’m happy to say, that we’re off to a great start!


Miles on Foot : 20

Miles Biked : 44.9


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Baby C – 21 Weeks

I’m so overdue for writing a Baby C post … the last one was at 17 Weeks (4 weeks ago!!), and the baby has done so much growing and changing.

This week, my Sprout App says that Baby C is beginning to develop body fat and a thin layer of hair, called lanugo, to stay warm. He/She is weighing in at approximately 12 ounces now, and closely resembles a miniature version of a fully developed person, but is still able to fit in the palm of your hand. (Look at the palm of your hand right now, and think of how incredible that is). Sprout also says that Baby C is now hiccuping as a means to practice breathing, as well as swallowing amniotic fluid in order to practice eating. Wow. I am always amazed. Around week 18 Sprout said that I should start to feel the baby move more, and it seemed like as I read it, it happened. Baby C has been quite the active little guy or girl! I love feeling him/her move around. The movements are more frequent when I sit or lay down after being active, or when I’m hungry. My mom and the Hubs have both been able to feel the baby move, which is so cool, and so special.

How I’m doing? I feel really, really good this week. I have exercised every single day which is a big deal. It’s something I haven’t done since the very beginning of my pregnancy. I really think that having my 1000 in 2012 goal has helped to motivate me to at least walk when I don’t feel energetic enough to do something more. I have had some hip and back pain that rears its ugly head most often after sitting for prolonged periods, or waking from sleep. This sucks. I had it during my pregnancy with G and found ice to help most, so I’m trying to be mindful and make the time and effort to ice when I need to.

How about the bod? I have definitely seen some growth in the bump over the past few weeks. It is really sticking out now! It makes me feel “more pregnant” which is silly because I’m just as pregnant as I was a couple of weeks ago, but I like it. I haven’t been bothered by body concious issues this week much at all. I think this has to do with a couple of things — one being that, the actual hard bump, like I said, makes me feel “pregnant” and not just chubby. I also think I’ve been more comfortable because I’ve made a strong effort to move more. Before my pregnancy I participated in hard work outs at least 5 days a week. During the first trimester I felt really tired a lot of the time, and it was harder for me to want to work out. Now that I’ve made the 1000 in 2012 goal, I feel compelled to succeed and make the effort to do something everyday. It’s a great feeling.

Bump pic!

G is growing and changing by the week too. She’s so funny, and so smart. I feel so lucky, and if this next kid comes out anything like her, we’ll be in good shape ;)

She hasn’t been in much of a posing mood this week, but here’s a shot I snuck while she was reading the other day.

As for the Hubs and his hair, it’s still growing … wildly. And he’s been working madly and we’ve been like ships passing in the night, so I haven’t been able to catch him on camera. Sadly. Because all of you should be lucky enough to witness this hair ;)



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Slimmer = Smarter?

This afternoon I was listening to Martha Radio on Sirius (geek alert) when I heard this story about the acclaimed French nutritionist, Pierre Dukan, who recently made a proposal in the form of a 250 page book called, “An Open Letter to the Future President”, in which he suggested higher marks be given to slimmer students.

Basically, he recommends allowing students to volunteer to participate in an “ideal weight” option on their “baccalaureat”, which I gather is somewhat like our SATs (I could be wrong). If the student selects this option, they will earn extra points if they keep a BMI between 18 and 25, which is considered the healthy range.

At first listen I was really bothered by the whole idea and had so many feelings and thoughts going through me, that I couldn’t quite sort out what bothered me most about this. One person after another called into the radio station to comment on the topic – most disagreed as I did, that this was a ridiculous proposal – some, however, thought Dukan was onto something. One woman even suggested they take it a step further and consider a person’s BMI at their annual evaluation at work, perhaps refusing them a bonus or pay increase if they fell in the over-weight or obese range.

As I listened I realized what no one else was saying. Thin does not equal healthy.

Growing up, my two best friends were tiny little things. Both were very thin and I was average. I didn’t eat more than them or anything different. We all survived on a typical American diet. As we moved into high school and started driving our own cars we ate fast food and other crap probably more than our mothers would’ve liked, and they stayed tiny.Though they were small and certainly would’ve been in that 18-25 range, theydefinitely weren’t healthy. I lost touch with my friends for a couple of years after high school and we met up in our early twenties to go to a movie and they were no longer the tooth picks that I remembered. They weren’t FAT, but my point is, that their metabolisms had caught up with them. That happens a LOT. The Freshman 15 doesn’t only happen because you go to college and go to hell with yourself eating pizza 5 times a day. That probably has something to do with it, but it also has to do with the fact that our bodies change as we grow. We become women and men, our metabolisms slow, and our fat cells multiply (especially for women).

On the other hand, I spent my late teens and early twenties suffering from Anorexia. During some of those years maybe I would’ve hovered somewhere on the edge of that BMI range, but I was no where near healthy. Just because you can fit into a numerical bracket does not make you “healthy”.

Awarding a student with a higher mark on a MAJOR test (or any test for that matter) because they are thin is a big mistake and send a terrible message.

If this nutritionist were really concerned with encouraging a healthy lifestyle to young people he could’ve thought of a thousand better ideas than an educational incentive simply based on a BMI number. What about scoring extra points by participating in a sport? Or a race? Or by signing up for the Health and Wellness Class at school? I think encouraging students, and parents, and all people to have good nutrition and overall wellness is a great thing. But from all the reports coming out, there was no education involved. The idea was to simply fit into these guidelines and be rewarded, regardless of the circumstance.

I know that our country, and others, are being plagued by the whole “obesity epidemic” and something surely needs to be done about it, but there is such a broad spectrum of reasons as to why people are obese, and so, making it really difficult to find a solution. I think the very best first step would be, like everything else,to TALK ABOUT IT. Communication is key – in the form of education for people that need it or want it, and especially for our young people.


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1000 in 2012


Being that it’s a new year, ’tis the time that everyone starts vowing to change for the better and startsthrowing around that big “R” word. Since I’ve begun catching up with the blog worldfrom my holiday hiatusI cant help but notice that almost everyone is committing themselves to one resolution or another.At the risk of sounding likea Debbie downer, or a bad person, I have to be honest. I’m not a fan of the whole new year resolution thing. I’m not a fan of the way that my gym gets flooded with new members that take all of the parking spots and spin bikes making it nearly impossible for me to stick to the same schedule that I’ve been following for the passed several years. And, I’m not a fan of the pressure the whole resolution idea puts on people and almost inevitably makes everyone feel like a failure. Lets be honest, the idea for resolutions are almost always rather lofty and far fetched, making sticking to them near impossible, and thus, having most people feeling like failures by January 2nd. So, I don’t make them.

This year though, I am setting a goal for myself. A goal that I think is rather achievable, and something that I may even surpass. (May being the key word). The point is, in making this goal I’m setting my expectations in a way that will make me feel successful rather than setting myself up to fail.

My goal is to have 1000 miles on foot in 2012. I would like to say that I will run 1000 miles in 2012, but being that I am pregnant now, and then will be giving birth, and then a new mom to a toddler and newborn, I only say on foot. Walking is perfectly acceptable to me. The idea is to give myself a plan.

I loved waking up each morning when I was training for my half- or full marathon and knowing that I had an expectation for a certain number of miles that I should meet that day. This goal for the year will sort of provide me with a similar feeling. I know that in order to make my goal of reaching 1000 miles for the year I need to run – or walk- at least 2.7 miles each day. This may not seem like a lot, but my body doesn’t respond well to running daily, so for me, this means that I will generally need to run about 5 miles every other day in order to reach my goal. I don’t expect to be able to do this every single day of my pregnancy, or post-pardum, but perhaps I will have some longer runs in the spring and next fall while I am *hopefully* training for some longer races after the baby is born. Also, 2.7 miles is easily walkable. I expect to be able to walk that distance in the latter stages of my pregnancy when I am too uncomfortable to run, and also with the baby in the carrier or stroller once he/she is born.

It’s important to me to stay active, and I know that as my pregnancy progresses and post-pardum it may be easier and easier to become lazy. I’m hoping that this will keep me motivated through out all of the changes my life will see in this coming year.

I founda really cool app on my iPhone that counts my miles and tells me how many I have left to reach my goal.

Seems pretty daunting right now, doesn’t it?

Yesterday I started toward my goal with a 5.25 mile run on the streets by my house. It is SO nice to still be able to exercise outdoors at this time of year. A year ago this passed week, we were busy trying to shovel our way out of the house. I much prefer running to shoveling snow asa form of exercise.

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t jump right into the challenge and start running on the 1st, it’s because my mom and I decided to take G fora ride to a nearby park to feed the ducks on our bikes.

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride, and it’s a beautiful but challengingcourse to get to the park,and neither of us had ridden those hills in a long time.

Some of this ended up happening on our way home.

10.5 miles later we were home,a little sore, and really cold.But it was a lot offun. I have to add in here that I’m well aware that 10.5 miles on a bike is no big deal. My mom and I have done a century ride together (113 miles!) and used to bike 50+ miles together every weekend, but the hills on this route made the shorter mileage really tough!

I have to admit that my right leg and hip are feeling a little funny this morning – maybe from the challenging ride and yesterday’s run back-to-back. I’m not too sure. Either way, instead of making today a big workout, I’m gonna take it easy and jog or walk with G in the jogger for 3 miles. No biggie, and some quality time.

I really hope to succeed with my goal for 1000 in 2012. Since I don’t only run, I’m also going to keep track of my miles biked because I do that several times per week, and it’s not anything to shake a stick at ;)


Mileson Foot : 5.25

Miles Biked :10.5


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Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

I know you all must’ve missed me. I decided to take a little time off from the blog. Its really hard work not writing everyday and not making the posts that you promise to. I needed a break. A little me time. You know what I’m saying?

She knows about me time.

Probably because all of my time is her time. ;)

Seriously though, the Holidays kept me reallybusy, and I truly had no time to blog, oreven read any of my favorites.Between the hundreds of cookies baked, dozens of gifts wrapped, all of the family to visit, and finally, theHoliday DE-construction to do, not a minute was spared. Not that I’m complaining. We had a very blessed Holiday season, and an incredible 2011. I feel so, so lucky as we enter 2012 surrounded by great family and friends, and amazing things to look forward to on the horizon.

One thing that I’m really looking for ward to is this -

I set my alarm for noon yesterday so that I wouldn’t forget to put in my application. I applied last year too, but obviouslywasn’t selected. This year I’m hoping to be one of the lucky 8% that is chosen. (High hopes, I know). If not though, I only have to apply for one more year and not get in before I’m guaranteed entry. So, if not 2012, maybe 2014 will be my year ;)

Of course, more than anything in 2012, the safe arrival of our newest little one is the thing that we look forward to most. Because of my careless neglect during the passed couple weeks, I haven’t given you a Baby C update, but we are all doing wonderfully. I feel healthy and strong (save for the fact that when I stand from sitting or wake from bed, my first 10-20 steps are like that of a 90 year old with bad hips). The Hubs’ hair is growing and looking crazier by the day. (I can not promise that I won’t nix his superstitious hair growth-bonanza with a razor one of these nights while he sleeps).

G is getting smarter and funnier by the minute (no surprise, right, since she spends all of her minutes with me ;) ). She recently started talking to my belly – something she thought up completely on her own. I find itinsanely sweet and adorable. Yesterday she said that she just wants “this baby to come out already“!

And Baby C is growing by the minute. At our latest sonogram everything was measuring right on target and Baby was kicking around like a little soccer player. The incredible detail on these sonograms will never cease to amaze me. Look at that little profile, and that gorgeous spine.

Hopefully with the Holidays behind us, we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming … but I can’t make any promises ;)


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Christmas Cookies for Everyone!

Here’s an interesting fact for ya; when you don’t do ANY Christmas preparations until the weekend before Christmas, you end up really busy, and don’t have any extra time for blogging. I missed my Baby C Week 18 post, and have absolutely no idea what any of my favorite bloggers have been upto … I feel so out of touch …

But, alas, I have found a moment to update you on the fascinating goings on that are my life. ;) Tonight I plan to write that Baby C Week 18 update — (even though its almost week 19!) — because tonight I should have a beautiful new sonogram picture to show you of our littlest one. Yayy!

Every year I bake lots of Chirstmas cookies. Cookies are the one thing that I feel confident enough to cook and actually share with people that are not my immediate family for fear of poisoning strangers. I’m not really that bad of a cook — maybe I’m even OK. The truth is just that I’m not confident. But I am confident that my cookies are delicious.I normallybake enough to bring for Christmas and Christmas Eve, some for the Hubs to bring to his office, and some to give as little gifts to our local neighbors or businesses that we frequent regularly, like our dry cleaner, our gas guy, and my nail girl. But last year I started making enough cookies to send to some of our relatives that live far away and we don’t get to see for the holidays. Just to give you an idea, my husband is one of 11 kids, so I have to make a LOT of cookies. This year we’ve added even more people to the list (well, the Hubs has. He likes to sit on the couch and watch me bake and say things like, “don’t you realize how much joy your cookies bring to the people that you send them to”? It’s really charming. If he threw in a foot rub at the end of the day it wouldn’t be so bad, but he’s usually sleeping before I get the last ones off the cooling rack).

So this year with even more cookies to make than usual I decided that it would be smarter for me to break the baking up into shifts. This Saturday I did cookies for our out of town recipients, and so I baked from 11:30am until 12:00am. Yup. More than 12 hours.That night I woke up a couple of times to use the bathroom (Thanks, Baby C), and I found myself limping there. (Thanks again Baby C for making me have the hips of a 75 year old for 10 months). To think I have to pull another day like this before the week is over is exhausting me just thinking about it. Do baking days count as gym days if your pregnant, have stretched out hips, and a toddler that you have to wrestle the colored icing from and then bathe said toddler quickly with the measuring cups in 9 minute shifts while cookies are in the oven because she’s turned herself completely red with icing?

Enough complaing, because, well – ’tis the season, right? Seriously though, I DO love baking, and I DO love making people happy by filling their bellies with delicious cookies.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Off to the Post Office I go!


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