Old Injuries Die Hard


My in-laws picked up G tonight for a sleepover since they’re on vacation. That meant one thing to me — FREEDOM!

The first exciting thing I wanted to do with my free time? An outdoor run, of course!

My schedule today called for a 4 miler. No biggie … Right?

Well, until I started running I’d forgotten just how much I DESPISE evening workouts. I’m a get up and go girl. I wake up, make the beds, feed G, make the hub’s food for the day, wash my face, brush my teeth, dress everyone, and we’re out the door. The hubs goes off to work, and G and I are off to the gym. This is unless I get up at 5am to run or hit Spin class before everyone else wakes up. Evening workouts just aren’t conducive to our schedule, so I haven’t had one in a long time.

Aside from hating my run this evening just because it was this evening, I also hated it because I’m pretty sure I felt my old injury creeping back up on me.As I mentioned previously, I had a pretty bad back injury that led to me limping the last 6 miles of my marathon lastyear. It started during my training lastyear when I noticed that almost every time I ran it felt like someone was ramming railroadspikes through my calves. Like any runnerwould, Isuffered through the pain because I was obviously untouchable and nothing was going to stand in the way of mecrossing the finish line of that 26.2.Ipushed througheven after the pain moved up my legs and I not only had railroad spikes going through my calves, but my knees aswell. I’m telling you – I’m hardcore.As you know,I didcross the finish, but in a LOT of pain, and thatday was the lastIwas able to really run for about3 months.

I don’t want todo that to myself again. This time around I was trying to be smarter. I have been following Hal’s plan to aT. I have been resting, I have been cross training, I have been stretching, and I have been doing something I never do – strength training. I thought for sure nothing would happen to me.

I do wonder if the railroad spikes were a figment of my imagination tonight. Maybe a false alarm ora side effect of me hating an evening workout.

Needless to say, tonight my scheduled 4 miler turned into my 2.5 miler that should’ve happened tomorrow. So, my current plan is to ice tonight, get a good night’s sleep, wake up early to complete the 4 miler, and then go to yoga to stretch out the back.

Pray for me people … I have a really cute outfit planned for this half marathon, and I want to get to wear it :)



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