It’s Cold Outside – I’ll Run Anyway

I must not have a natural blogging gene in me because I’m really bad at taking pictures all throughout my day to insert into every post. I’ll try to get better at it, but in the meantime, you might have to just get used to seeing googled images of things that sort of relate to what I’m writing about. Like this :


How many miles do I need to run to get my legs to look like any of these?

This random googled imagecan pertain to this post, because I’m going to write about the runsthat I’ve had for the passed couple of days.The picture is obviously not of my legs (anyone figure out howI can get those yet?), and I’m obviously one person, not three, and I only havetwo legs, not six – but it does the job. SO forgive me for not photographing myself on the way out thedoor this morning.;)

In keeping up with my challenge for 1000 in 2012I have been hitting the streetstorunfor the passed couple of mornings. Here in the Northeast its been in the low 30′s (which iscold), but it hasn’t deterredme from choosing the outdoors over thedreadmill. I’d much rather breathe incold fresh air than germy-winter-gym-air anyday, even if I have to wear3 shirts, a hoodie,a hat, and gloves anyday.

Iwound up taking an inadvertent rest day on Sunday because my workout buddy cancelled, and Icouldnt muster the gusto to go at it alone. My bed was so much warmer than the high 20′s that were waiting for me outside. So I slept in. (Or slowly made my way to the couch to indulge in some crappy reality TV before anyone else woke up).

Monday morning I was feeling the repercussions of the verybusy and very emotionalday that Sunday wound up to be, and I didnt want to run AT ALL. I dropped G at school while telling myself I’d go home and face plant into my couch for the couple of hours that she was gone and sleep my misery away. By the time I was on my way home, I had a change of heart – maybe my coffee kicked in, maybe I’m getting really good at channeling positivity, or maybe I just felt way too guilty to take two rest days in a row. Whatever it was, it worked, and I decided to pull myself together and got out there.

For about the first quarter mile I continued to convince myself that this is what I should be doing, even if it was cold, and even if the Real Housewives of Atlanta were waiting for me on my DVR. Soon though, I forgot that I ever hadn’t wanted to be out there, and wound up having one of the best runs of my pregnancy. It was on the short side (just over 3 miles), but it was fast and basically effortless. I had 3 miles that were at 10 minutes or below! I haven’t had that for a LONG time. I’ve been running around 10:30 because I’ve been carefully watching my HR, but yesterday, I didn’t feel like I was working too hard, my heart rate never went crazy, and I felt STRONG! By the time I came home I was SO GLAD that I pushed myself to get out there.

This morning I reminded myself of the day before, and braved the cold again. I was glad I did, because again I found myself running 9:30 miles without any real effort and it felt great. This morning I clocked a bit over 4 miles, bringing me to over 7 so far for the week. I only have to complete 19 to be on target with my goal, so I feel really good about that … It’s only Tuesday!

Moral of the story, kids? Push yourself! Get out there and do something, no matter how small. It maysound silly because 7 months ago I would’ve been mad at myself for having a 3 mile or 4 mile run. Or for having a 10 minute mile – or even a 9:30! But now I’m proud of everything that I can do, and know that in pregnancy each amd everyday is different so I’m just embracing what I am capable of day by day … and being grateful for it!


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