I Like Myself

One of my biggest worries in having a daughter is being sure that I raise her into a confident and self-assured young woman. I’m learning more and more about myself and her every day as I attempt to do it, but it’s happening. I know because of all the times she assures me that she can do it herself, and she does, the times that she chooses tomarch around wearing fairy wings and a tutu, even on a random Tuesday afternoon, and doesn’t think twice, and for all the times that she adores herself in the mirror and has even said, “I’m looking good”.

I’m proud that G has a confident way about herself and hope that as she grows, her confidence does too. It’s tough for girls out there where they’re being fed mixed messages on how to look, think, eat, feel, and act. So for me it’s important to consistently send messages of self love and acceptance. As a woman myself that’s a tough thing to constantly portray, but I try. And I make use of all the tools I can get my hands on.

Last week we were meandering through Barnes and Noble when I saw this book.

Iflippedthrough it on the sales floor, and immediately added it to my purchase pile.

It’s full of simple, but meaningful messages,

fun, little rhymes that keep herengaged,

and silly illustrations that keep her laughing.

Raising a confident little girl is surely a great challenge, but with creative tools that I can use on a day-to-day basis, it maybea little bit easier, and a lot more fun.









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