Homemade Valentines

I love me some crafting. Especially in the colder months, G and I aren’t strangers to the craft store. We peruse the aisles looking for fun, new projects that we can do together (which is almost as much fun as doing the projects themselves). With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be much more fun to hand-make some Valentine’s for G’s classmates and her grandparents, then to buy the pre-made, charecterized ones that are all over the place. In order for a 2 year old to be able to participate in crafting things need to be really simple, and be as safe as possible.

G has been bringing home lots of work from school that looks like this,

Being that they’re doing a lot of cutting and pasting I thought we could incorporate that into our Valentine making. I wasn’t ready to take the plunge and let her use scissors with me at home because (1) I’m accident prone and dangerous with scissors (one timeI was crafting something with my little brother, had him hold a piece of fabric straight for me while I cut it, and wound up cutting right into his little finger with the scissors. Sure, we were 9 and 6, but it still haunts me). And (2), I think like every other kid, G listens to her teachers better than me, and I was afraid if I brought out a pair of scissors I would get the “NO I NEED TO DO IT MYSELF” tantrum. I can picture the scissors flailing about in her hands as I type this. I wasn’t willing to risk it, so I picked up a couple of paper punches so that G could cut the shapes out all by herself. Safely.

I also picked up a package of sparkly stationary for our base, and a couple of pieces of corrdinating scrapbooking paper (which I forgot to take a picture of before cutting into it).

G used the paper punches to cut out a bunch of hearts and squares from the scrapbooking paper (with a little help from me – it required a little muscle).

And then she pasted the shapes and I placed them on the center of the cards. We wound up with a fab little bunch of cards for her to give her friends!

Much better than the store bought variety if I do say so myself ;)

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