Diva Training Update


I haven’t updated my loyal readers (ahem …. are there any of you out there) on my half-marathon training in a while. The last time I wrote was here, and I told you that I was feeling an old injury flaring up. That night I made an appointment to see my chiropractor. Previously when I’ve seen my chiropractor for this running injury, I’ve left feeling a bit of relief here but new or different pain there. So after thinking about it, I decided to be proactive instead of reactive (like Caitlin says) and take my care into my own hands first. I have been icing my back religiously – I bought a great strap-on ice pack thatI can wear around the house while doing my ever-so-important motherly duties making the task of icing possible because Lord knows there’s no time for a stay-at-home Mom of a toddler to lay on the couch and ice multiple times a day. I’ve alsoswitched up my training plan so that I never run 2 consecutive days in a row. This is something I’ve never done before because I’m an all of nothing kind of girl …. If I’m going to run, running it will be. And only running. Forcing myself to participate in other forms of exercise, like yoga and spin, has been wonderful. I think it’s benefiting my training physically, but also mentally. There’s not much to get excited about when your workout is the same thing everyday. Even running can lose it’s luster. So, this week, my schedule looks like this.

(Putting my schedule on the refrigerator in a weekly format is something new for me too, and I love it. It keeps me on track, and forces me to notice what I’ll be doing the next day, and therefore, plan ahead. I highly recommend it ;) ). Can you believe it’s already Week 7?! That means that Diva’sjust about a month away!

Making these adjustments has essentially erased any inkling of the injury that may have been trying to come back. My runs are fun, and I feel really strong. Here’s to crossing the finish line!


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