Christmas and Food Talk

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and I have done basically NOTHING to prepare. I ordered 1 or 2 gifts online, but aside from that, my lists have been completely neglected. Today I finally forced myself to make some headway in the gift department, and now my mind is just over flowing with wonderful ideas for gifting to the ones I love. Giving is my favorite part of the season.

I squoze (is that actually a word) in a nice cold weather (35 degrees!!) outdoor run this morning while G was at school, came home jumped in the shower, hurried to pick her up and she helped me run around town getting some of our shopping done. Eventually she had enough and pooped out in the car so I head home to let her nap.

I DID manage to watch last night’s episode of these fabulous ladies …

I really can’t get enough of anything that Andy Cohen manages to put together. It is all just so good. Sometimes so bad, its good … but nonetheless.

After G’s nap and my trip to BH fantasy land, we head to the store to gather some ingredients. In an effort to bea better wife (if that is even possible ;) ) I am going to try and make a couple healthy meals that the Hubs can take to work with him or eat when he gets home late at night. He mostly lives off take out and it’s not the best thing for his health. I’ve tried packing his day’s worth of food but there is just SO MUCH FOOD because he’s out of the house for so many hours that it is actually really overwhelming. I think this option is a better one.

(I must say that I took this pic off Martha’s website– my finished product looked much better — sorry, Martha)

So, what did I make? I made thisrecipe that I head Sandra Gluck talking about on Monday on her Sirius radio show on the Martha channel. Yes, I’m that much of a geek that I listen to the Martha channel. Whatever. Sandy does Meatless Mondays and sometimes has appealing thingson the menu! This week she made Rigatoni with Spicy Eggplant and Shallot Sauce. It was super easy to make and looks delicious. Hopefully the Hubs will like it.

I also made this recipe from Cooking light for Roasted Butternut Squash soup. This one was more for G and I than the Hubs. I have been craving soups, and G likes soups with out any “seeds” in them. Seeds = anything that has texture. She’d like to drink straight broth.

Finally, I had to make these cookies that Mama Peamade this week.They came at just the right time, because they’re a little something sweet that I can slip to the Hubs without him really noticing that (a) they’re vegan, and (b) they’re full of little things that can help naturally reduce his cholesterol like unsweetened dark cocoa powder, and oats.

Of course, cookie making is a little bit challenging when your sous chef eats all of your ingredients.

And NOW, after this long day, my bed (and my sous chef) are calling my name. Off to snuggle time! See you on the flip side.


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