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I know you all must’ve missed me. I decided to take a little time off from the blog. Its really hard work not writing everyday and not making the posts that you promise to. I needed a break. A little me time. You know what I’m saying?

She knows about me time.

Probably because all of my time is her time. ;)

Seriously though, the Holidays kept me reallybusy, and I truly had no time to blog, oreven read any of my favorites.Between the hundreds of cookies baked, dozens of gifts wrapped, all of the family to visit, and finally, theHoliday DE-construction to do, not a minute was spared. Not that I’m complaining. We had a very blessed Holiday season, and an incredible 2011. I feel so, so lucky as we enter 2012 surrounded by great family and friends, and amazing things to look forward to on the horizon.

One thing that I’m really looking for ward to is this -

I set my alarm for noon yesterday so that I wouldn’t forget to put in my application. I applied last year too, but obviouslywasn’t selected. This year I’m hoping to be one of the lucky 8% that is chosen. (High hopes, I know). If not though, I only have to apply for one more year and not get in before I’m guaranteed entry. So, if not 2012, maybe 2014 will be my year ;)

Of course, more than anything in 2012, the safe arrival of our newest little one is the thing that we look forward to most. Because of my careless neglect during the passed couple weeks, I haven’t given you a Baby C update, but we are all doing wonderfully. I feel healthy and strong (save for the fact that when I stand from sitting or wake from bed, my first 10-20 steps are like that of a 90 year old with bad hips). The Hubs’ hair is growing and looking crazier by the day. (I can not promise that I won’t nix his superstitious hair growth-bonanza with a razor one of these nights while he sleeps).

G is getting smarter and funnier by the minute (no surprise, right, since she spends all of her minutes with me ;) ). She recently started talking to my belly – something she thought up completely on her own. I find itinsanely sweet and adorable. Yesterday she said that she just wants “this baby to come out already“!

And Baby C is growing by the minute. At our latest sonogram everything was measuring right on target and Baby was kicking around like a little soccer player. The incredible detail on these sonograms will never cease to amaze me. Look at that little profile, and that gorgeous spine.

Hopefully with the Holidays behind us, we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming … but I can’t make any promises ;)


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