Baby C – 26 Weeks

One more week until we enter THIRD TRI! Time it is a flyin’ …

According to Sprout Baby C is continuing to practice breathing by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. His/her immune system, including the lymph nodes, thymus and spleen, are rapidly developing. His eyes are also beginning to open after they have been closed for the past few months so that the retina could develop. AND I read that the her brain-wave activity is beginning to develop at this stage, so she may react to different things. For example if I shined a flash light at my belly he/she might kick to say, “get that light out of my eyes”. (Pretty crazy, huh?) Baby C is weighing in at just about 2 pounds this week, and is apparently the size of a large zucchini (another weird size comparison that I’m not sure is accurate).

How am I doing this week? I’m feeling good … as the belly gets bigger I find myself sometime getting out of breath doing next to nothing. Seems like quarters are getting tight in there. As the baby gets bigger I guess the other things that normally live in my abdomen are moving all around and impairing my lung capacity ;) . The hernia pain I developed last week, as well as that sciatica pain are still there – not going away as I had hoped, but they’re manageable.

How about the bod? The belly is still growing. More people this week have commented that I actually look pregnant now, or they had no idea, and all of a sudden I have this belly. This is basically the same thing that happened during my pregnancy with G. Some of the maternity shirts that I bought in the begining of my pregnancy are now becoming too short to cover the belly, and I can no longer get away with wearing my pre-pregnancy workout clothes to the gym.

*I had a really hard time finding some good workout gear (I am VERY picky when it comes to gym pants – I want them to be durable, and supportive – I’m not a fan of cheap yoga pants. I think that yoga pants can be super sexy or extremely unflattering). Most maternity shops carry your typical soft non-supportive fold over yoga pants as exercise pants, and they weren’t cutting it for me. There was also nary a nice racer-back supportive maternity shirt to be found. After much searching I finally found a GREAT pair of pants from Gap maternity. I own the G-Flex capris (multiple pairs) and was wearing them until my belly finally wouldn’t allow it anymore. Well, I found that Gap also sells the G-Flex in a long pant maternity style. (They also sell them in ankle length which is great for a shorty like me)!! Sadly, Gap had no shirts, but I finally found a great shirt at Impact Fitness. I wish it were a slight bit longer, but it will have to do. I have a long torso, so I find most shirts to be on the shorter side, the big belly just adds to the problem.

Here are a couple belly shots for your viewing pleasure,

I love a good maternity shirt, and this one won me over. It could 100% pass for just a cool boho blouse – there’s no empire waist, there’s no tie in the back, it’s just slightly longer in the front than it is in the back so it hangs evenly and nicely over the belly. I wore it with black skinny maternity pants and heels on a date with the Hubs for an early Valentine’s Day celebration.

G is better than ever. Her vocabulary seemed to grow immensely this week, as well as her imagination. I have found her handing me imaginary butterflies, and making imaginary phone calls on her phone (she’s been making fake phone calls for some time now, but now she has actual imaginary exchanges – she asks the person on the other line questions, and waits for their response. It’s very cute). She’s also been asking me interesting questions about our wee one on the way. “What will the baby eat”? “What does the baby need”? “Can I feed the baby”? I think it’s really interesting that she is thinking ahead in this way. I love that she seems excited and wants to be involved. She’ll be a great Big Sister.

The Hubs is still hairy, and I still have no picture.

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