Baby C – 24 Weeks

24 weeks — that’s 6 months! I can’t believe I’ve been pregnant for half of a year. Seems crazy when I think about it …

This week Sprout is saying that Baby C has begun growing some hair! (I’m really interested to see if this baby has any hair — G had next to none when she was born and for the first year + of her life. I was SHOCKED by this because I, on the other hand, was born a hairy little creature, and today have more hair on my head than multiple people combined). Sections of his/her lungs are expanding and he/she is starting to produce lung surfactant which helps to keep the lungs from collapsing after birth. His/her bones are also growing stronger by the day, making it easier to tell whether I’m being bumped by a knee of a soft little bum. Most impressively, Baby C is weighing in at 1.5 POUNDS this week, and is up to 12 inches tall!! Sprout describes him/her as being the same size as a half gallon of milk!

How am I doing this week? I feel good this week. I’ve made a strong effort to get some physical activity in daily, even if it means getting up at 5am to get it in before I’m beckoned by contractors, electricians, HVAC people (oh my!). Even though I’ve been wiped by late afternoon, I’m always glad to have done it because it really improves my mental state knowing I’ve done something good for myself. I also think that hour + that I have to be quiet and alone before the day starts is really good for me. Sort of like how Oprah meditates in the morning … yeah. I’ve also made an effort to incorporate more vegetables into my day. I’ve lost a lot of my gusto when it comes to preparing nutritional meals for myself during this pregnancy. I’m by no means living off fast food or junk, but I’m just not getting as many nutrient rich things as I’d like to. I realized a really easy way to get a lot of goodness is by incorporating one of these guys everyday,

The smoothie is made with unsweetened almond milk, a banana, a small handful of blueberries, a scoop of organic brown rice protein powder, and a couple huge handfuls of spinach. You can’t taste the spinach at all. SO good. I haven’t had one since the summer time – I’m glad I brought them back. And the wine glass makes it extra special.

How about the bod? I think my belly’s popped out a bit more this week! Other than the belly, not much has changed. I actually wore a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans today because all my maternity jeans were in the wash. I thought I’d be resigned to staying in sweaty gym clothes til the laundry was done, but to my surprise, my old favorites still fit with the help of a belly band. (I wish someone would invent something that could attach the belly band to the waistband of my pants to avoid that uncomfortable gap when I bend over or sit down. If I had that, I don’t think I’d even purchase a pair of maternity jeans at all). *If you read this and use my idea, please contact me so I can tell you where to send my royalties.

G is wonderful as usual … We had some great weather in the begining of this week and took an entire afternoon and spent it outdoors at the park, feeding the ducks, playing on the playground, and exploring the area. It was SO nice.

The hubs’ hair, it is a growing. Still no picture to document it … but I think it’s better that way ;)


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