Baby C – 23 Weeks

Another week overdue, but at least it’s just one this time. I have such good intentions for this blog … I really do. Sometimes it just a little hard to measure up ;)

I can’t believe we’re at 23 weeks already — time is FLYING by!

Look at that big baby!

This week Sprout is saying that theinternal fetalorgans are now in place and beginning tofunction well, taste buds have formed, but obviously the fetus (I don’t really like calling the baby a fetus at this point … ) won’t taste anything for several more months. Baby C is weighing in at a full ONE pound this week and is about the size of a mango! Sprout also says that Baby C can distinguish my voice from the voice of the hubs at this point and suggests experimenting with music that the baby may find soothing. When I read this I thought it was really interesting because when I was pregnant with G, Ihad a slight obsession with”Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – the version by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo?ole- and played it incessantly while dreaming of my growing bundle. When G was about 3 weeks old she became a really cranky baby (really cranky). She would have horrible screaming fits that nothing could snap her out of. But I discovered that if I put on that song, she would instantly quiet and was soothed. Maybe it was because it’s a soothing type of song, but I believe it was because it was familiar to her. She remembered it!

How I’m doing? I feel OK this week. I have to admit that I haven’t hardly exercised which is the first time that has happened in … well … probably since I gave birth last time around. G was sick last week which threw a wrench into my early morning gym time on Friday and Saturday, and then continued to be really sick and needy into Monday. Tuesday came along and she was feeling a little better, but I was tired! I thought I’d take the day off and get myself together, and get back to running on Wednesday. Wednesday came, and while G was at school I headed out for a run, and was only able to knock out a couple of miles before I came home. Today, my heart just wasn’t in it either. I actually felt horrible about this yesterday and got emotional over it. I had a moment where I was really beating myself up. But this morning I came across a great article about “giving yourself permission” to not be your best or say yes to everything all of the time, and it rang true with me. It was just what I needed to read in that moment to realize that it was OK that I take a little hiatus if I felt that I needed it. I love fitness – I love running, I love cycling, I love being on the move in general. But the passed few days its just not working for me. I know for sure I’ll snap back into it in a day or so. But for now I’m giving myself permission to take off if I want to. So, there’s a slight lack of energy there this week for sure — maybe Baby C is having a growth spurt! Other than that though, I feel good.

How about the bod? As you probably suspected, due to my lack of activity, mentally I was down on myself during much of this week, but I’ve snapped myself out of that, and realized that I’m doing great physically. I saw my doctor last week and they were thrilled at how I’m progressing. A lot of people say my bump is still really small for how far along I am, but it’s certainly growing … I love it!

Try to disregard that pile of laundryin the corner… I promise I threw it in the wash as soonas I took that picture.

G isup to her normal, 2 year old shenanigans.As I said before, she was really under the weather with a sinus infectionlast week and into thisone, but she’s shaping up nicely. Tonight she was my sous chef in the kitchen. She’s getting really good at prepping the greens.

She looks mad at that kale, doesn’t she?

Once again,my dearHusband is MIA. I swear, sometimes Iforget his name becauseI don’t see him that often. Just kidding — he’s working hard, and I didn’t get a picture of that crazy hair of his again. I’m going to stop promising pictures of it though — hopefully I’ll get to snag at least onepicture of him sometime before the baby is born and he shaves his head again ;)


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