Baby C – 21 Weeks

I’m so overdue for writing a Baby C post … the last one was at 17 Weeks (4 weeks ago!!), and the baby has done so much growing and changing.

This week, my Sprout App says that Baby C is beginning to develop body fat and a thin layer of hair, called lanugo, to stay warm. He/She is weighing in at approximately 12 ounces now, and closely resembles a miniature version of a fully developed person, but is still able to fit in the palm of your hand. (Look at the palm of your hand right now, and think of how incredible that is). Sprout also says that Baby C is now hiccuping as a means to practice breathing, as well as swallowing amniotic fluid in order to practice eating. Wow. I am always amazed. Around week 18 Sprout said that I should start to feel the baby move more, and it seemed like as I read it, it happened. Baby C has been quite the active little guy or girl! I love feeling him/her move around. The movements are more frequent when I sit or lay down after being active, or when I’m hungry. My mom and the Hubs have both been able to feel the baby move, which is so cool, and so special.

How I’m doing? I feel really, really good this week. I have exercised every single day which is a big deal. It’s something I haven’t done since the very beginning of my pregnancy. I really think that having my 1000 in 2012 goal has helped to motivate me to at least walk when I don’t feel energetic enough to do something more. I have had some hip and back pain that rears its ugly head most often after sitting for prolonged periods, or waking from sleep. This sucks. I had it during my pregnancy with G and found ice to help most, so I’m trying to be mindful and make the time and effort to ice when I need to.

How about the bod? I have definitely seen some growth in the bump over the past few weeks. It is really sticking out now! It makes me feel “more pregnant” which is silly because I’m just as pregnant as I was a couple of weeks ago, but I like it. I haven’t been bothered by body concious issues this week much at all. I think this has to do with a couple of things — one being that, the actual hard bump, like I said, makes me feel “pregnant” and not just chubby. I also think I’ve been more comfortable because I’ve made a strong effort to move more. Before my pregnancy I participated in hard work outs at least 5 days a week. During the first trimester I felt really tired a lot of the time, and it was harder for me to want to work out. Now that I’ve made the 1000 in 2012 goal, I feel compelled to succeed and make the effort to do something everyday. It’s a great feeling.

Bump pic!

G is growing and changing by the week too. She’s so funny, and so smart. I feel so lucky, and if this next kid comes out anything like her, we’ll be in good shape ;)

She hasn’t been in much of a posing mood this week, but here’s a shot I snuck while she was reading the other day.

As for the Hubs and his hair, it’s still growing … wildly. And he’s been working madly and we’ve been like ships passing in the night, so I haven’t been able to catch him on camera. Sadly. Because all of you should be lucky enough to witness this hair ;)



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