Baby C – 17 Weeks

Other than showing our positive tests, and mentioning my cravings, I’ve hardly talked about our new exciting bundle on the way! Unfortunately, it’s way passed my bedtime and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit at my computer today, but I wanted to give a quick weekly update!

Baby C celebratesin utero weekly birthdays on Thursdays, and this week we are 17 weeks! It is SO exciting to see the numbers increasing … 17 weeks feels substantial. I’m almost 20 weeks along already!

I’ve been using this really handy app on my iPhone called “Sprout” to get my weekly updates on what Baby C is doing and how he or she is growing. This week Sprout says that our baby is approximately 5 ounces, and about the size of an APPLE! (I can NOT believe that Baby C is the size of an apple this week. It seems pretty impossible since I don’t really feel him/her moving around at all yet)! Sprout also says that the baby is beginning to hear sounds like my heart beat and the sound of my voice as it resonates through my body. And his or her organs are now well developed, the heart is contracting about 150 beats per minute, the kidneys are secreting urine, and the liver is starting to produce bile! So incredible!!

How I’m doing? I feel GREAT this week. MUCH more energetic than previous weeks. Although I do try to consider how I feel day-to-day rather than week-to-week because it does seem to vary that much. Overall though, I feel more energetic, more interested in working out, and more willing to include fresh vegetables in my meals. ALL of that is wonderful. It makes me feel much more like myself.

How about the bod? Up until last week I was really beating myself up over all of the changes that my body was going through saying that it was too soon for me to be getting a bump, or to need to wear different clothing, etc. FINALLY I broke down and got myself some maternity jeans and it changed everything. It made me feel SO much more comfortable, so much prettier, so much more like myself again. I think a lot of the reason why I was so hesitant to get any maternity gear was because I don’t really have a big bump yet! But that doesn’t mean my body isn’t changing. I’ve found my midsection to be getting wider and just overall, not as flat and small as it used to be. I’m OK with all of that because I’M PREGNANT after all! But, as I’m sure for any woman, it was tough to feel the waistband on my pants becoming increasingly tight day after day. Needless to say, I’m really feeling relieved this week to have some clothes that I feel comfortable in and that will allow me to grow throughout the next several months.

I love seeing people document their pregnancies with regular weekly belly shots. I haven’t taken any up to this point, but I guess now’s the time to start!

I’m hoping for a big bump to appear soon!!

I also want to include picture of this kid in my weekly updates, because, well, who wouldnt want to see her picture even more than you already get to, and because I think it’ll be interesting to see how she changes week to week over the next several months!

She’s really cute.

The last, and maybe most interesting part of my pregancy journey is that the Hubs has this superstition that cutting his hair from the time we find out we’re preggo til afterthe baby is safely delivered is out of the question.Sort of like a game beard. Yeah … interesting. Probably just his wayof wiggling himself into the weekly update ;) I couldn’t nail him downto snap a picture today,but I promise to provide one in week 18!

Here’s to another week of growing, and hopefully more showing!

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