An Early Valentine’s Date

Unlike the days before parenthood, when you have children your romantic holidays or personal holidays, like Valentine’s Days, Anniversaries, and Birthdays, may not actually be celebrated on the actual calendar holiday, but on the day closest to said calendar holiday that you can obtain a baby sitter. So even though Valentine’s Day isn’t until Tuesday, the Hubs and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day yesterday.

For Christmas, my parents gave us a pair of tickets to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway. It’s gotten GREAT reviews, and was said to be hilariously funny.

The Hubs was hoping that it wasn’ta musical while I secretly hoped it was (because everythingis better when put to song isn’t it)? My secret wishes came true, and the actors belted out song after song of Broadway goodness. A little over 2 hours later I left the theatre with cheeks that hurt from smiling so much, and that were stained from my tears. It wasn’t a tear jerker of a show – I’m not sure if I should blame my crying on pregnancy hormones, or the fact that I am so easily moved by musicals. Either way, it was a great show, although a little outrageous – definitely for adults only. Some parts even left me feeling a little bit uncomfortable because of so much vulgarity, and I don’t consider myself ultra conservative when it comes to that kind of thing.

Asusual, Ileft the showawe-struck after seeing these live performers on stage. Some times I look at them and can’t even believe the sounds that are coming out of their mouths are real. They are true entertainers, and the real rock stars. I feel alittle sad that they’re not more celebrated. I hope that G loves Broadway as much as I do so that I can have a partner to go with. The Hubs will go to make me happy, but it’s not the same as going with someone that gets as much out of it as I do.

After the show we went to dinner at a new place that we’ve heard great things about, Jewel. The atmosphere was really cool – the decor was interesting and trendy, the vibe was cool, and the staff was really nice and helpful, but the food kind of stunk. Normally I’m excited to go out and generally always like the food because it’s not something that I had to cook (being a stay at home mom has really made me appreciate a dinner out more than ever before), but last night the food just wasn’t on point. The Hubs agreed. The only things we both really liked were the roasted brussel sprouts that we ordered as a side, and the Pistachio ice cream sandwich that we shared for dessert. (You can’t really go wrong with Pistachio ice cream).

Even though the food didn’t knock our socks off, the company was great. A date night was much needed and I’m so glad that I got to spend some one-on-one time with my man. (Another thing that I have come to appreciate more than ever before). And even though it was celebrated a few days before the calendar holiday, it was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve had in at least a year.

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