A Sunrise Run


After making my commitment to run the Diva Half Marathon here on the blog, and subsequently receiving comments from two of my favorite bloggers (!!!)(and possibly the only 2 people that read the blog besides me and my dad – let’s be real, everyone checks their stats) I felt extra committed to sticking to what I said. (Wow — it’s true what CaitlinHTP says about the blog being a source of accountability)!

I havent been on a training run since last September when I was training for my full marathon, and I havent been on an early morning run since then either. I feel so guilty when I have to ask my husband for help with the baby in the morning before he goes to work, but this morning I put my big girl panties on and did it. Of course, he obliged, and I hit the streets at 5:30am.

I did a quick out and back as per Hal Higdon’straining plan. 3.5 miles sounded so short to me, but I guess since I havent done an outdoor run in a while, itstarted out abit tougher than I expected. Plus, I think I was a little bit anxious because I want to be successful in this endeavor. I did 1.75 miles out and on my way back I got to see the sun come over the horizon.A big smile came across my face, and I relaxed. I remembered that I’ve been here before – I done this training run and countless others, and that I’ve run multiple half marathons during my training for the full, and that I would be OK. The rest of my run was enjoyable and seemed effortless. I finished up at 32:27 with an average pace of 9:32. It should be noted that I don’t intend to win the Diva … I just want to have some fun.

*I generally run between and 8 and 8:30 mile, but learned that for distance races I should add a minute to my pace – what do you all think?

So, first training run in the books, and feeling strong and excited, and remembering this morning to never discount how good a sunrise run can make you feel!


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