A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I consider myself sort ofa creative type. I have an appreciation for art, and have thoroughly enjoyed my trips to the Met (that were takento fulfill criteria forart history classes in college – I can’tpretendto be that much into it)where I quietly meandered through the museum stopping to look at every piece and appreciate their history and detail. However, in my home I love nothing more than decorating with personal photographs.

You can find collages like this in almost every room in my house. I love mixing up different frames and different photographs …


As evidenced by these photographs, I haven’t updated our frames in quite a while.


With G’s birthday coming up, I thought it was the perfect excuse to spring for a family photo shoot! I got a referral from a friend to use Jen, at Lightful Photography. Of course, as soon as I booked the date for our photos, I immediately started dreaming up what we would wear. We wound up deciding to shoot in a little forest, andthought it would be fun to gowith a Fall look.


The shoot wasamazing – Jen was SO patientwith G who was as boisterous and defiant as any almost-2-year-old.The hubs was also a great sport for having to play “tea party” while getting eaten by mosquitoes, in too-hot-for-summer-clothes in a forest. I had a great time, and the next morning when I woke up to a couple of teasers in my inbox, my suspicions were confirmed …. the pictures were gorgeous.

I truly think that aside from helping tomake our housefeel like a home, myphotos are one of the mostvaluable things that I own.I will forever cherish these pictures and the memory of this day, with G running carelessly through the woods, and imaging a tea party with her Mommy and Daddy. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words … and a million memories.


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