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Being that it’s a new year, ’tis the time that everyone starts vowing to change for the better and startsthrowing around that big “R” word. Since I’ve begun catching up with the blog worldfrom my holiday hiatusI cant help but notice that almost everyone is committing themselves to one resolution or another.At the risk of sounding likea Debbie downer, or a bad person, I have to be honest. I’m not a fan of the whole new year resolution thing. I’m not a fan of the way that my gym gets flooded with new members that take all of the parking spots and spin bikes making it nearly impossible for me to stick to the same schedule that I’ve been following for the passed several years. And, I’m not a fan of the pressure the whole resolution idea puts on people and almost inevitably makes everyone feel like a failure. Lets be honest, the idea for resolutions are almost always rather lofty and far fetched, making sticking to them near impossible, and thus, having most people feeling like failures by January 2nd. So, I don’t make them.

This year though, I am setting a goal for myself. A goal that I think is rather achievable, and something that I may even surpass. (May being the key word). The point is, in making this goal I’m setting my expectations in a way that will make me feel successful rather than setting myself up to fail.

My goal is to have 1000 miles on foot in 2012. I would like to say that I will run 1000 miles in 2012, but being that I am pregnant now, and then will be giving birth, and then a new mom to a toddler and newborn, I only say on foot. Walking is perfectly acceptable to me. The idea is to give myself a plan.

I loved waking up each morning when I was training for my half- or full marathon and knowing that I had an expectation for a certain number of miles that I should meet that day. This goal for the year will sort of provide me with a similar feeling. I know that in order to make my goal of reaching 1000 miles for the year I need to run – or walk- at least 2.7 miles each day. This may not seem like a lot, but my body doesn’t respond well to running daily, so for me, this means that I will generally need to run about 5 miles every other day in order to reach my goal. I don’t expect to be able to do this every single day of my pregnancy, or post-pardum, but perhaps I will have some longer runs in the spring and next fall while I am *hopefully* training for some longer races after the baby is born. Also, 2.7 miles is easily walkable. I expect to be able to walk that distance in the latter stages of my pregnancy when I am too uncomfortable to run, and also with the baby in the carrier or stroller once he/she is born.

It’s important to me to stay active, and I know that as my pregnancy progresses and post-pardum it may be easier and easier to become lazy. I’m hoping that this will keep me motivated through out all of the changes my life will see in this coming year.

I founda really cool app on my iPhone that counts my miles and tells me how many I have left to reach my goal.

Seems pretty daunting right now, doesn’t it?

Yesterday I started toward my goal with a 5.25 mile run on the streets by my house. It is SO nice to still be able to exercise outdoors at this time of year. A year ago this passed week, we were busy trying to shovel our way out of the house. I much prefer running to shoveling snow asa form of exercise.

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t jump right into the challenge and start running on the 1st, it’s because my mom and I decided to take G fora ride to a nearby park to feed the ducks on our bikes.

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride, and it’s a beautiful but challengingcourse to get to the park,and neither of us had ridden those hills in a long time.

Some of this ended up happening on our way home.

10.5 miles later we were home,a little sore, and really cold.But it was a lot offun. I have to add in here that I’m well aware that 10.5 miles on a bike is no big deal. My mom and I have done a century ride together (113 miles!) and used to bike 50+ miles together every weekend, but the hills on this route made the shorter mileage really tough!

I have to admit that my right leg and hip are feeling a little funny this morning – maybe from the challenging ride and yesterday’s run back-to-back. I’m not too sure. Either way, instead of making today a big workout, I’m gonna take it easy and jog or walk with G in the jogger for 3 miles. No biggie, and some quality time.

I really hope to succeed with my goal for 1000 in 2012. Since I don’t only run, I’m also going to keep track of my miles biked because I do that several times per week, and it’s not anything to shake a stick at ;)


Mileson Foot : 5.25

Miles Biked :10.5


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