1000 in 2012 – A Week in Review

Here we are at the end of the first week of 2012, and it’s time for an update for my goal of completing 1000 miles on foot in 2012!

Let me first say that setting this goal for myself did exactly what I had hoped it would – it motivated me everyday to just do something. One of the days I only walked, but it didn’t matter. I loved knowing thatthere were miles that needed to be completed, which is the same feeling I had each day that I was following a training plan for a race.

So, just as if I were training for a race, I broke out the old dry erase board, and kept track of my progress and activity throughout the week.

Excuse the crummy picture and messy handwriting — I sometimes forget that people other than myself might see these things …

As usual, I loved seeing my progress everyday. It was just as motivating to see what I had already completed, as it was to know what I needed to do.

I also really loved using my Runs to Go App to count my miles each time I took a run or walk.

Still daunting …

So here’s the wrap up –at the week’s end I wound up with exactly 20 miles on foot, (which is one mile more than I had to complete to be right on target with my goal), and I had 44.9 miles on the bike. (There is no goal for theyear for biked miles, but I think it’ll be cool to count them anyway).

I’m hoping the motivation sticks with me and no injuries or baby issues get in the way this week. I’m happy to say, that we’re off to a great start!


Miles on Foot : 20

Miles Biked : 44.9


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