1000 in 2012 – a Week in Review

The hernia pain carries on, and so I’ve officially been sidelined from running (sadly). But that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking. Just because I can’t run, doesn’t mean I’m not moving.

As I said back in January, the whole point in creating this goal for myself was just to have a gentle guideline to remember to keep moving during this year while I’ll be going through so many changes. I knew I would have to adapt as the year progressed, and this hurdle is no different. Some of my miles this week were completed in walks – uphill walks, fast walks, fun walks with G through the park. But some of them were ellipticalled miles (ellipticalled? … whatever). I fought myself really hard on whether I was “allowed” to count miles completed on the elliptical. Are they technically miles “on foot”?? Didn’t I say “on foot” when I began the challenge? Well, since this pain sometimes even kicks in so badly when I’m engaging in a brisk walk or a strong uphill walk, a few times this week, I’ve been forced to jump off of the treadmill and onto the elliptical. I found myself having NO pain on the elliptical whatsoever even when I was fully exerting myself. I tossed the idea around with a couple of people, and everyone said the same thing — give yourself a break, your pregnant, you’re still moving, and every mile counts. So, I finally said, since I created the challenge, I make the rules, and I rule that ellipticalling is just fine. ;)

This is what my week looked like,

21.28miles for the week!

I rested as I normally do on Sunday, and then again on Monday because after the party we threw for Superbowl, I really needed some couch time.

I also adapted my arms workout a little bit. I got kind of bored of pushups day after day, so I started doing a little arms circut from the Tone It Up girls, found here on YouTube. (If you haven’t checked out the Tone It Up girls yet, do it! I’m a member of the Tone It Up team and get TONS of great info from them daily, plus its a really cool community to be apart of with lots of wonderful support). I’ve been rotating the arms circut with pushups to change it up a bit. Feels good to do a little strength training. *I forgot to mark off my Saturday box, but I did domy arms circut :)

I didn’t actually run 99.18 miles, and I’m not cheating. I realized this week that somewhere I forgot to enter a run and couldn’t figure out where but it was throwing my whole count off, so I reset the counter with the total number of miles I’ve completed for the year — I’m almost out of the 900′s!!


Miles on Foot : 99.18

Miles Biked : 64.9

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