1000 in 2012 – a Week in Review

As I mentioned in my 25 week Baby C update, I’ve had some pain that’s messed with my running regimen, and left me with a lot of run/walks. I’m not mad at the run/walk, or the walk for that matter. I’m grateful for anything that I can do (that is really the truth). I do love running, but I know that if I can’t carry on all the way to the end, I’ll pick up where I left off after Baby C arrives.

Even though I haven’t been running as much, I’ve still managed to get all the miles that I needed to, but most importantly, I’ve made myself a priority, and made room for my “me time” in the gym, on the street, or in the park. This is what my week looked like,

I forgot to mark that I rested on Saturday – I did no push-ups, and didn’t get any formal miles in. Still at the weeks end, I wound up with 19.72 miles for the week (and 150 push-ups!). Not too shabby. I’m really just glad that I have something that keeps me motivated. I LOVE MY REFRIGERATOR CHART!!


Miles on Foot : 77.9

Miles Biked : 64.9










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