1000 in 2012 – A Week in Review

After my shorthiatus from exercise, I came back this week, just in time for some great weather! Last week we were doing this,

And this week we got to do some of this,

and this,

It may be the last week of January, but it sure didn’t feel that way this week. I feel really lucky that I’ve been able to do so much outdoors this winter. I can get a little crazy being stuck inside all the time, and it makes me SO happy to be able to get some fresh air.

The warmer temps made it easier for me to get some walks in with G this week. One day we spent an entire afternoon at the park, and just yesterday morning I was able to nail the hubs down long enough to get him to take a walk with the two of us. I was also able to get an outdoor run in early in the week! The rest was done on the dreadmill, but done nonetheless.

Here’s what I got:

I mentioned in last week’s post thatmy Mondayworkoutgot nixed by an impromptu meeting that I had to be at withthe HVAC people, so I started my week on Tuesday and was still able to surpassmy goal for the week! The little boxes at the bottom area new addition – I rarely participate in any kind of strength training – not because I don’t like it, but mostly because since I’ve become a parent and have limited time to be in the gym, I’ve deemed my cardio time more important than fitting in a sculpting class - but I’ve noticed that my arms and shoulders are looking a little less lean these days. (Maybe it’sa result of the pregnancy – I tendto feel like my upper body broadens during pregnancy- or it could bemy lack of a tan ;) ). So, this week I’ve begun to incorporate push ups into my day. It’s something easy that I feel like tones all of my arms and shoulders in one shot and I can do multiple reps wherever I happen to be whenever I remember to do them, and then mark it off on my chart. This week I started with 30 (3 sets of 10 reps). G has been doing them with me (in her own little way) since I’ve been doing them straight out of bed, or as we wind down our day. (I let her mark off our progress on Thursday – hence the scribble :) ). I love push ups. They instantly make me feel stronger, and like I said, I think they’re a good one-stop-shop kind of upper body exercise. Maybe I’ll increase my reps as the weeks pass, but maybe I won’t. I’ll let my body be the judge of that.

At the end of the week I wound up with 21.18 miles on foot, and 0 milesbiked. My schedule didn’t allow me to get to any spin classes this week, so all my workouts were made up of runs and walks. My Runs to Go counter now looks like this,


Miles on Foot : 58.18

Miles Biked : 64.9

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