1000 in 2012 – 2 Weeks in Review

As I breifly mentioned in this post, my exercise took a bit of a back seat in the passed couple of weeks, and so I’m not as on target with my goal as I was in my previous post. BUT, today I got myself back in action, and I couldn’t feel better for it.

For me it’s really important to acknowledge the fact that I was OK with taking a little time off of working out. It’s something I hadn’t done since I gave birth to G, 2 plus years ago, and I just felt like I needed it. I felt really tired, and just not motivated to get into the gym, and I allowed myself to be OK with that. It was just about a week with little activity, and I felt really excited to get back into it today. I hadn’t planned a time line of when I would come back, but I knew I would (like I’ve said before I love being active too much to not be). I also want to say that although I didn’t log in at the gym or put on myGarmin and run (or walk) logging miles, doesn’t mean I was a couch potato. I simply just gave myself the week to be relieved of the formality of it all.

We’ve had quite a bit going on around here – besides the whole “I’m growing a human” thing. G was pretty run down with a sinus infection for the week which really messed up our sleeping schedules and didn’t allow me to get out of bed at 5am to hit the gym, and we’re also renovating our house to add some space for baby number 2. Our house was formerly a 2 family, and we’re converting it to a one family, traditional colonial. Basically meaning in the passed 2 weeks my second story has gone from this,

to this,

There’s still a ton of work to be done, but that’s info for a whole other post.

With the construction going on and the Hubs beingaway from the house almost all of the time, I’ve added Project Manager to my list of job titles. Meaning that all of the meetings that need to happen with the contractors, the air conditioning people, the electricians,and trips to the hardware stores and paint stores have fallen on my shoulders. Apparently all of these people like to schedule meetingsduring my only alone time of the day which is when I normally get out for a run or go to the gym, if I don’tgo at 5am before everyone else wakes up. So, yesterday when I dropped G at school and was headed to the gym eager to get a run in and break this dry period, of course the air conditioning guys called and said they’d meet me at the house in twenty minutes, nixing my chances to get any miles in yesterday.

Realizing that the “new job” was going to really put a wrench into getting my workouts done during the day, I set my alarm for 4:30 this morning and got my butt to the gym early. As much as I hate getting out that early and losing the couple of hours of sleep, inevitably as I’m driving home as the sun’s coming up, I’m so grateful that I did it.

So, back to business — I last left you at the end of the first week of January when I was kicking butt and surpassing weekly goals. Over the passed couple of weeks, my charts have been less impressive, but I’m confident I’ll still meet the goal. This is what I’ve got for weeks 2 and 3 of January,

17 Miles on foot

20 Miles on the bike

As I said, far less impressive, but nonetheless, a much needed break, and it’s not nothing after all.I’m back with 7.3 miles today, and feeling good.


Miles on Foot: 37

Miles Biked : 64.9

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